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On my spare time I've been learning the Ruby language. And Tinyscrobbler is the first result.

Tinyscrobbler is a lightweight scrobbler library. It can be used to implement the track scrobbling feature in a ruby player app.

You can find the source (GitHub) here and install the ruby gem from Gemcutter.

If you opt to install from Gemcutter, you need to add it to your gem sources. Just type the following in your terminal (depending on your system you might need to execute these commands with sudo):

$ gem sources -a

This will add gemcutter to your gem sources. Finally to install the gem just type:

$ gem install tinyscrobbler

Tinyscrobbler contains a helper class to read the audio files metadata, but for now it only supports .mp3 files. I'll be working on extending the support to other file formats like .ogg, .mp4a and .wma.