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PC upgrade

asus board, 2gb ram and dual core 2.4ghz

Today finally arrived the hardware parts I've ordered from Chiptec. It's really amazing how computer hardware is getting cheaper. Of course this is a very simple system (Dual Core 2.4Ghz), but I'm not a (true) gamer. If it runs Urban Terror and lets me code stuff, it suits me just fine.

After installing all the parts, I had to buy a SATA DVD-RW Drive because none of my IDE drives worked with the new board.

With this new hardware, I couldn't resist to give Windows Vista a try. I've used it many times at work and on my girlfriend's laptop, but never at home.

It was the first OS I installed on the machine, and guess what, Vista turned my brand new hardware into a big and fat pile of donkey shit. It was almost slower than my Pentium 4. As I write this, Ubuntu is installing, for the sake of my mental health.