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New website and api for hashr

Finally I just got some time to update the hashr website.

I decided to give it some color and some usability improvements. The resulting hash now shows up in a readonly text box so that when you choose long hash algorithms like whirlpool the hash doesn't break the website design.

Also related with this change it's the copy button. I know, I hate flash too, but unfortunately due to security issues like clipboard-jacking, there's no cross-browser compatible way to place text in user's clipboard unless you use flash and the user clicks that.

Anyway, the button is there to make it easy to copy the hash. But you can still do it the usual way.

Apart from the interface changes, hashr now also has a stats page. This page for now only shows a chart of the top 10 most used hashing algorithms in the website and api and the total generated hashes. But it will have more charts in the future.

And finally I rewrote the api and made it public with some documentation. It now supports xml, json and text responses.

The Firefox extension is still using the old api, but soon I'll upload to Mozilla Addons a new version using the new one.