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Moved from Wordpress to Jekyll

I’ve been wanting to leave the Wordpress platform for a while now, and last week I finally managed to start rebuilding this blog with Jekyll - a blog-aware, static site generator in Ruby.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think that Wordpress is a great blogging/CMS platform. But for me and the purpose of this blog, it has become a little overkill.

Jekyll is my ideal way to maintain a blog. I get to use my favorite daily work tools (Git and Textmate) and in terms of performance, static files are just great, no need to spend precious VPS resources. Oh, did I mention that this blog is now running on a VPS? That’s right, powered. I’m gradually moving all content in the Dreamhost account to the VPS.

Regarding the migration, it went almost perfect except for the feed. Feed subscribers may notice some weird behavior, like sudden unread posts showing up that aren’t new at all and stuff like that. Things will get stable with new posts.

The blog design has also changed from a modified Wordpress template to something built from scratch. This new design keeps things simple and readable, just the way I like. So no fancy stuff, just plain focus on content. And it’s still being improved along with the markup, so there will be some changes in the next few days.

Update: I’m now using the Google Webfonts API to serve the some beautiful fonts. The header title font is Lobster, the body font is Droid Sans and the code font is Droid Sans Mono. If your browser does not support Webfonts the CSS will fallback to Georgia, the original font of this blog.