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Ma.gnolia issues reveal the darkside of cloud computing

This week was marked by a unfortunate event. The very well known social bookmarking web-service - mag.nolia - on Friday morning experienced data corruption and loss on their servers. The site has been taken offline and probably some users will never see their lost data again.

This might sound like it's no big deal, but if you think about not only the users that lost their bookmarks, but also on the number of apps that used ma.gnolia's API to justify it's existence, it may sound catastrophic.

This issue provides us a lesson on backups and warns us about the trust we build on web-services that are mistakenly taken for granted. Even well known companies have their break downs, and the risk of data loss should always be taken into account.

Fortunately I use for my social bookmarking, but this event made aware that every data I store online may be lost someday. So maybe it's time to backup everything, or to build a tool that does it all for me.