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iPod Touch 2G 8Gb

The iPod Touch and my Macbook...

This is my new toy. The tradition of buying Apple stuff on christmas (I want to thank my girl for this gift) is still alive around here.

I got it because I was looking for something like a PDA with wifi to help me organize, browse the web, check for mail and have some fun when I'm in boring places or situations. I've check lots of them, and the only one that seemed to please me, was either the iPhone, or the iPod Touch.

The iPhone here in Portugal is still something very similar to a robbery, so I just went for the iPod.

The shiny back of the iPod Touch

I couldn't be more satisfied with it. It does everything I need, and does it well. The web browsing experience is the best that you can get in a mobile device. The tons, I mean literally tons of apps available trough the app store just a click away are fabulous. Some are free (until now I've only installed free apps) but the paid ones are a bargain like 1 or 2 euros. And well, the bonus for having a macbook is the cherry on top of the cake. This way I can sync all my iCal and stuff with the iPod, among other things. I can even ssh or VNC to servers at work. And also check Twitter :)

I've been playing with it in the last few days and I can't go without it anymore, and yes, the iPod is the one to blame for the lack of posts on this blog.

More photos available here.