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hashr 1.0 for Firefox

The hashr Firefox extension has reached version 1.0 with the launch of Firefox 4.

This new version brings some UI improvements. Some users were complaining about the interface being clunky, it turns out that this was specially true in Firefox for Windows and Linux. I was only testing it on the Mac version, where it looked allot better. So I gave it a slightly better UI and made it consistent between all operating systems where Firefox runs.

There’s also a new toolbar button that is added by default on installation. It does the same thing as the addon-bar (aka old status-bar), it shows/hides the hashr toolbar. It makes hashr more visible to new users after instalation, but it can be removed if you only wish to use the addon-bar button.

A new version of the website is being (slowly) developed, and also a new version of the Google Chrome extension.

This new version is already available on the Mozilla Addons website.