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Yeoman generator for Ink

Probably everybody knows now that SAPO’s Ink framework is an awesome alternative to Bootstrap. And there’s also this great scaffolding tool called Yeoman, that if you don’t know, you should really check it out. The same also applies to Ink.

About two months ago, during my short travel to London to attend the The Great British Node Conf, I developed a Yeoman generator for Ink, called generator-ink.

This generator creates a ready-to-use website layout using Ink. You can even choose from 11 available layouts (more coming soon), and start hacking right away with the basic dependencies already in place.

To install it , just type on your terminal (make sure you already have Yeoman installed first):

$ npm install -g generator-ink

Now create a folder for your project and cd into it:

$ mkdir my_awesome_project && cd my_awesome_project

And now to start generator-ink just run:

$ yo ink

If everything went well, you’ll be greeted with the layout choice menu:

generator-ink layout choice menu

Now it’s just a matter of choosing the layout that most adjusts to your needs, and hack it.

Need more site pages? No problem, there’s a sub-generator for that. Imagine we need to create an article page. Piece of cake! Just type:

$ yo ink:page article-page article.html

You just need to know the name of the layout (you can check all available layouts here), give it a name, and BAM! It’s there!

You can also contribute with your own layouts! Just make a pull request on Github and I’ll be glad to accept it!