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Codebits 2010 Project - Chatstorm

Still recovering from Codebits 2010. Congratulations to Sapo for putting up another awesome edition of this event. Three exausting days of coding, talks, and all kinds of crazy events (yes I’m looking at you Nuclear Tacos)!

Just like last year, this year, along with my teammates, I had a mission. To create a project and get it ready by the end of the 48 hour hackathon (actually we spent the first 24 hours attending some talks, playing some video-games and trying to decide what to do).

Once more this mission was accomplished. The project is called “Chatstorm”.

Chatstorm is an online brainstorming web application that uses a real-time chat to share ideas and automatically fetch and suggest web-content related with those ideas. Technically speaking it was developed in Node.js (Server-side Javascript) and WebSockets (Client-side). It was allot of fun to work with these new technologies and to watch the final result.

Unfortunately, Chatstorm won’t be available online for now due to it’s very immature state regarding security, but I’ll leave you some screenshots:

{.post-image} Chatstorm screenshot 1

{.post-image} Chatstorm screenshot 2

{.post-image} Chatstorm screenshot 3

Currently Chatstorm uses Sapo Fotos, Sapo Vídeos and Twitter as sources of information suggestion. But more sources can be easily added just like plugins.

In the end, we didn’t managed to get into the top 10 projects, but we got much more positive feedback than last year. Still it was worth it. Mission accomplished and now back to real life, counting the days to Codebits 2011.

Check my Codebits 2010 photos at Flickr: Gallery or Slideshow.