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Chrome - The Google browser

Just when things were starting to get exciting in Mozilla Firefox, Google shows up with a internet browser that seems to be a great improvement over current browsers.


So here it is, Chrome running on my computer, I booted up Vista on purpose just to try Chrome out. And I don't regret it. I just can't wait for the Mac and Linux versions!

The best thing about this new browser it's the interface, pure simplicity the Google way. And this is nothing compared to the way that the browser deals with tabs. Each tab, one process, with it's own memory space address. Which theoretically leads to great stability and no memory leaks (Firefox biggest problem, now improved in version 3).

And to leave you drooling all over you keyboard, Google released a 39 page comic book, explaining every aspect behind Chrome. Check it here.

So this browser seems to be the better of two worlds. It's based in Webkit, just like Safari, and I liked Safari because of it's fast rendering. And it's open-source, just like Firefox. The one thing that's missing for now it's support for extended functionality (extensions / plugins) and a Linux and Mac version (coming soon). Well... they could also change the icon, because it's ugly in my opinion.

Enough talk. Try it here!