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Apple keyboard

apple usb keyboard

After of some weeks flirting with the Apple keyboard, today I finally bought it. I'm writing this post with it. And I can only say that this is the best keyboard one can have. It's very slim and the typing is smooth, actually is pretty much the same as the new macbook keyboard.

I bought it to use at work, mainly because working endless hours in a laptop can injure your back and an external keyboard allows me to vary my posture when sitting in front of the macbook. Another reason, is that in summer time, having my hands resting in a macbook pro, turns out to be a hot and sweaty experience.

I opted for the USB version because I don't really like batteries at all, and I wouldn't be very tolerant with random bluetooth disconnects. Although the keyboard USB cable is short, Apple was king enough to include an extension for those who need a longer cable.

apple keyboard usb extension

Here's the Apple keyboard side by side with my old Revoltec Lightboard, so you can get an ideia about the size of this thing:

The apple keyboard vs revoltec lightboard

Just to end this post, as you can see on the first picture, I bought this keyboard at TB Store in Colombo. I definitely recommend this store to buy Apple stuff. Great customer service, nice and unusual bags for the shopped products and bonus key chain lanyards.